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September 20, 2014 at 7:17am For those who were asking...

What I've found out is the voice is very similar to the human digestive system. Our digestive system keeps the nutrients it needs and gets rid of the excess material. The vocal frequencies found in our voice may also act in a similar fashion. The loudest frequencies (higher amplitude) maybe indicating an excess and the vocal frequencies that are the quietest (lower amplitude) maybe indicating a desire to maintain those frequencies. So one way to test this theory is to switch the frequencies and amplitudes around and play them back. (see link with animation. http://youtu.be/yaU3rz8qXOM)

We are all familiar with the vocal changes human males undergo do to hormonal changes during puberty. The voice is just one mechanism that reveals the state of the human body. Dr. Max Little's work at the Media Lab, MIT is in the process of diagnosing Parkinson's using a person's voice. http://www.parkinsonsvoice.org/ They have a 98.6% detection accuracy (that is, the percentage of samples that were correctly identified as being either healthy or Parkinson's, averaged over all cross-validation runs) under lab conditions. For and audio interview see link below

My goal is to use the frequencies taken from an individual's voice not to diagnose an issue but to balance various 'dis-eases'. This can be done by adjusting parts of a persons individual frequency pattern and sending it back to them by various means. This prevents adverse side effects since the frequency pattern is created from the persons own vocal frequencies. I guess you could call it a type of personalized auditory gene/vocal therapy geared towards each individual. At the moment we only use headphones as a means of delivery (my apologizes to the hearing impaired the next phase of the project we're hoping to have something they can use).

I'm a firm believer that everything contains it's own seeds of disorder but also it's own seeds of growth. I'll use water as an example, an H2O molecule is made up of two gases/elements that can be extremely flammable, Hydrogen and Oxygen but when combined in the right proportions these two flammable gases create a liquid (water) which can be used to put out the very flames the two gases (Hydrogen and Oxygen) may create. The sound a human makes is very similar to a H2O molecule, in that the sound is made up of smaller parts. Using FFT (Fast Fourier transforms) to break down a persons vocal pattern into individual frequency, amplitude, and phase angles allows us to know the make up of the person's voice, thereby allowing us to adjust each part separately.

Another way to describe the power of FFT (Fast Fourier transforms) is in a story. I have three types of can vegetable juices, Del Mondo, V4, and Veggie-Veggie. FFT (Fast Fourier transforms) allows us to break down each can of vegetable juice to show us which vegetables are in each can, along with the quantity of each vegetable in the can. Using FFT (Fast Fourier transforms) allows us to mix and match frequencies just like mixing different vegetables in the can of vegetable juices. A good book that explains FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) http://www.amazon.com/Who-Fourier-Mathematical-Adventure-Edition/dp/0964350432

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